The document of cultural relations between Ghazni and Giżycko has been signed

In the sideline of the celebration of the Day of Poland held in the Polish military base in Ghazni Province, a document of cultural relations between Ghazni and Giżycko was signed.

Ghazni and Giżycko have been regarded as sisters. 
Ms. Jolanta Piotrowska, Mayor of Giżycko who is visiting Ghazni for this purpose, says Poland and Afghanistan have always had good relations and the relations will be further strengthened by the sisterhood of Ghazni and Giżycko.

This was proposed and actualized by Afghan-Poland Cooperation Association,  Ms. Maria Amiri, Head of this association, says there will be a photo and art exhibition of the city of Giżycko in the near future.
Moosaa Khan Akbarzada Provincial Governor of Ghazni considers the sisterhood of the two cities as a cultural achievement.
He says “the importance of Ghazni is in the fact that it has been named by OIC and UNESCO as the Centre of Islamic Civilization. Hence, it is necessary for the city to have cultural relations with other important cities of the world.”

The Governor of Ghazni proposed to the Mayor of Giżycko to provide the opportunity for the delegation of cultural figures, civil activists and Ghazni Municipality to visit Giżycko. He believes it will further enhance the cultural relations of the two countries, and the residents of the cities will become aware of each other’s history and culture.
Previously, Heyward, a city in California has become sister to Ghazni.