First Vicepresident, Mohammad Qasim Fahim

Mohammed Fahim (Persian: محمد فهيم; born 1957; also known as "Marshal Fahim") is an Afghan military commander, politician and the Vice President of Afghanistan since November 2009. He was the Defense Minister of the Afghan Transitional Administration, beginning in 2002 and also served as Vice President from June 2002 to December 2004. Marshal Fahim was replaced by Abdul Rahim Wardak, who was appointed as defense minister by President Hamid Karzai on 23 December 2004 when the transitional administration gave way to a popularly-elected administration. Fahim returned to government however, after Karzai named him as candidate for Vice-President during his re-election campaign. Marshal Fahim is a member of Afghanistan's Tajik ethnic group. He is the recipient of the Ahmad Shah Baba Medal. He is fluent in Persian, Pashto and Arabic and is described as semi-literate. He is affiliated with Jamiat Islami (Shura-e Nazar) party of Afghanistan.